Get involved and gain an edge

Volunteering is a great way to share your expertise and network with other professionals in the industry.

Benefit from giving back

Volunteering with dental organizations is a perfect way for you to give something back to the dental community, assist those in need of proper dental care and help your students add something worthwhile to their resumes and their life experiences! Volunteering can also give you opportunities to further your career as a consultant, writer or speaker.

At the DALE Foundation, we are currently seeking volunteer subject matter experts to support us in the following endeavors:

  • Developing a review course, practice test, or other e-learning program 
  • Reviewing or testing a new program
  • Writing articles on clinical dental assisting topics

If you are interested in one of these volunteer opportunities, and think you or one of your students would be a good fit, please email If you don’t see an opportunity relevant to your interests or qualifications, or you do, but don't have time now, please check back often for new volunteer opportunities designed specifically for educators.

For volunteer opportunities and opportunities outside of our organization, we recommend looking into:

Prefer to talk over the phone? Give us a call! 1-877-510-3253