Go beyond just earning credits

As an educator, your professional journey doesn’t end in the classroom.

Enrich your education

Continuing education may be essential to being an educator, but the advantages can extend far beyond meeting state requirements or maintaining your DANB Certification. Ask yourself: what are your professional development goals?

Between planning your curriculum and teaching your students, the idea of continuing your education may seem overwhelming. At the DALE Foundation, we understand the pressure to “keep up.” Our courses are designed to work around your schedule giving you the flexibility to continue on your path of lifelong learning.

If you are a DANB Certificant, as the only official DANB affiliate, the DALE Foundation is the perfect source for earning the credits necessary to maintain your DANB Certification. And we can also offer resources to help you or your students pursue a career as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant. Other professional development opportunities include enrolling in the American Dental Assistants Association’s Fellowship and Mastership programs, and becoming a member of the American Dental Education Association.

At the DALE Foundation, our courses are not only designed to be empowering and engaging, but also give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. They’re also a great way to help prepare your students for their careers moving forward, which gives you the freedom you need to improve and expand your own program.

To learn more about the DALE Foundation courses, and see which ones are the best fit for you and your curriculum, review our Courses and Study Aids section.

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