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As a dental office manager, your professional opportunities are endless.

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Continuing Education can help you gain recognition as an office manager, increase your career potential, and open doors to new opportunities in the dental industry.

To help you determine your goals, network with other dental office managers, and pursue a variety of continuing education options, you should consider joining the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM), the largest organization exclusively for office managers in the dental industry. When you become an AADOM member, you gain access to a valuable network, an exclusive forum where you can share resources and best practices, discounts on events and products and services relating to your practice, and the most prestigious recognition opportunity in the dental office management community: AADOM Fellowship.

AADOM Fellowship is a professional distinction available exclusively to AADOM members who have at least 3 years of experience or their CDPMA Certification.* Earning this elite title can drastically increase your visibility and career opportunities in office management, and also open doors to new opportunities like speaking and consulting in the dental space.

*CDPMA is the acronym for Certified Dental Practice Management Administrator, a certification program previously provided but no longer available through DANB.

If AADOM Fellowship sounds like the perfect match for you, the DALE Foundation is a great place to get started. AADOM partnered with us to create a program specifically for office managers; our Accounts Receivable, HR Fundamentals and Financial Reporting Certificate Programs are Fellowship requirements.

For questions about joining AADOM, and participating in their Fellowship program, please visit

Also, the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) is the national membership association for dental assistants. If you began your career as a chairside assistant and are now a dental office manager and wish to continue networking with both chairside and business assistants, ADAA membership may be for you. The ADAA also offers prestigious Fellowship (FADAA) and Mastership (MADAA) programs to qualified members. For questions about the ADAA and participating in the FADAA and MADAA programs, please visit

To learn more about the DALE Foundation courses, check out our Courses and Study Aids section.

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