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When making an investment in your future or the future of your office, it is important that you know what to expect, and feel confident in your choice. That is why all of our case studies and testimonials come from practicing dental office managers and employers who have used our e-learning tools to advance their careers or the careers of their team. These professionals value the flexibility and versatility of our courses and study aids, and the possibilities that continued education created for them. Read their case studies below, and please share your experiences with us by emailing marketing@dalefoundation.org.

"I definitely could see using e-learning courses in the future, both for office staff and assistants. Because our practice is so large, we can’t shut down the office and send everyone to a seminar. So instead, we only send a few people, and those people come back and pass the information on to the others. With e-learning courses, staff can take the courses at home on their own time or carve out time during the workday. The other benefit to e-learning courses is that the information is all right there and you can go back and review it. When you attend a seminar and listen to a speaker, they may run out of time before they cover everything. Or, you may miss some of what they said. The e-learning courses give you time to read and go back and review anything before you take the test. Things like that are very beneficial."

- Danielle D., FAADOM, Business Coordinator, Riverdale Park, MD

"I want to compliment the DALE Foundation on their radiation safety course. I’ve had three dental assistants use the DALE Foundation's DANB RHS Review course in the last six months. I’m usually not a fan of online courses because I’ve seen too many materials that were either poorly organized or just worth the time. I was impressed with the DALE Foundation's course. It was definitely on par with the best instructional opportunity that a dental assistant can receive in a classroom setting. After my new assistants finished the course, they were prepared and ready to learn radiography in the clinical setting. Before the Kentucky Board of Dentistry approved the DALE Foundation's online course last year for radiation safety training, our only avenue was to wait for two to three opportunities a year at our state dental schools. This online availability is a tremendous resource that I will continue to use for training my dental assistants."

- William J. Moorhead, DMD
Immediate Past President, Kentucky Dental Association
Kentucky Dental Association Scientific Chair 2015

“Our assistants love the online training course. Some of the assistants that already have the certification have taken a look at some of the courses and said they wish they could have done it that way. So overall, good feedback about the course.”

- Andrea P., HR & Legal Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

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