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Learn about the many ways you can help your employees advance their dental careers.

Your employees have career aspirations just like you. But with work and home life, they may not have the time to pursue their goals…or even know where to look.

That’s where you can come in. As an office manager or dentist, you have a huge opportunity to advance your employees’ career potential, and in turn, better your practice. By providing your employees with on-going suggestions for growth, and paying attention to their professional development, you can greatly benefit your team as a whole, and the service you offer to your patients.

And whether you’re talking to dental assistants, or your employees at the front desk, the DALE Foundation is a great place to start. Our user-friendly, interactive courses and study aids can help your team prepare for exams and certification, draft various policy templates for your dental practice, and discover new ways to expand their careers. And everything is accessible 24/7, so they can improve their skills on their time, at work or away from the office.

So how do you provide them with the best advice? First, you should work with them on setting a goal. Whether it’s earning their dental assisting certification to gain recognition, completing an exam to take on more responsibilities at the office, or just broadening their dental vocabulary, the DALE Foundation has something to offer. Below we’ve listed some suggestions based on career goals and specific DANB exams.

Please read through our reviews and online demos to see make sure your selection meets each employee’s needs. Then, help them take the next step and sign up today! If several of your employees are interested, check out our course discounts for increased savings.

To see if there is a "career ladder" for dental assistants in your state

Many states recognize more than one level of dental assistant. To see if your state is among them, we have compiled state-specific rules and requirements specific to dental assisting. Working with our affiliate DANB, we offer the only state-verified compilation of information about dental assistant "career ladder" titles, duties and requirements in all 50 states. Many of these resources are completely free. Check out information about your state’s dental assisting requirements and a possible career ladder here.

Prepare for the DANB Exams*

Review Courses

DANB GC Review Part I covers important topics and patient scenarios related to chairside assisting.

DANB GC Review Part II reviews the concepts in DANB GC Review Part I, then continues with techniques applied in assisting with endodontic, prosthodontic and oral surgery procedures.

DANB RHS Review provides comprehensive knowledge to get your team ready for every aspect of the RHS exam.

DANB ICE Review arms your team with the infection control information they need to feel confident on test day.

Conventional Dental Radiography Review covers just the film-based side of things, in case your team was trained only on digital radiography or wants to brush up on their basic skills.

DANB AMP Review teaches dental anatomy, morphology and physiology and serves as an excellent preparation for any staff members taking the DANB AMP exam. 

Study Aids

DANB GC Practice Test helps you master the material and prepare for DANB's GC exam.

DANB RHS Practice Test features 200 practice questions based on DANB's RHS exam blueprint. This study tool is a great way for your team to learn what they might expect on exam day and improve their test-taking skills.

DANB ICE Practice Test helps your team check their infection control knowledge with 200 practice questions based on DANB's ICE exam blueprint.

DANB AMP Practice Test covers dental anatomy, morphology and physiology questions, and is a great tool to review for the DANB AMP exam.

DANB OA Practice Test improves your team's recall of orthodontic terms, enhances understanding of diagnostic tools and procedures, and acts as effective preparation for the DANB OA exam.

DANB CP Practice Test enhances your understanding of dental deposits and reviews coronal polishing objectives and precautions to help you or your team members prepare for the DANB CP exam. 

Glossary of Dental Terms is a fun, interactive tool to review dental terms for the workplace – and can serve as an additional study aid for DANB and other dental assisting exams.

*Note that DALE Foundation review courses and practice tests do not include questions from DANB exam item pools.

To earn continuing education credits

Our courses offer a convenient way for your staff to earn continuing education credits. When you make a group purchase, you’ll be able to see if staff members have started or finished the courses, as well as the results on the pre- and post-assessments.

To help develop their role and yours

Our courses covering business operations can help your dental assistants smoothly transition to front office management, or help your front desk employees develop skills to manage the office. These are also great courses for you if you’re looking to expand your education, or go after your AADOM Fellowship! Our Behavioral Guidance and Management for the Pediatric Dental Patient course can help your staff facilitate cooperation when working with pediatric and special needs patients.

Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office
HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office
Financial Reporting for the Dental Office
Behavioral Guidance and Management for the Pediatric Dental Patient 

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