Get involved with the community

Volunteering is a great way to keep you connected and help you learn new skills.

The benefit of giving back

Furthering your career doesn’t just have to be about taking courses and earning certifications; it can also be about getting involved with the dental community and volunteering your time to worthy dental organizations. Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills, connect with other dental assistants, and help those who might not have access to dental care.

The DALE Foundation is currently seeking volunteer subject matter experts to support us in the following endeavors:

  • Developing a review course, practice test, or other e-learning program 
  • Reviewing or testing a new program
  • Writing articles on clinical dental assisting topics

If you are interested in one of these volunteer opportunities and think you would be a good fit, please email If you don’t see an opportunity relevant to your interests or qualifications, please check back often for new opportunities specifically for dental assistants.

For more dental assistant volunteer opportunities, check out these organizations:

Prefer to talk over the phone? Give us a call! 1-877-510-3253