Opportunities for lifelong learning through dental assistant training

As a dental assistant, your educational journey has limitless potential. Explore professional development opportunities in dental assistant training.

Opening a path for continued development

Continuing education is a wonderful way to increase your potential, open doors, and broaden your options. So the big question you need to ask yourself is: what are your professional development goals?

A great way to understand what’s out there, network with your peers, and pursue a variety of continuing education options is to join the ADAA (American Dental Assistants Association), the oldest and largest group representing professional dental assistants. By becoming an ADAA member you gain access to a valuable network, extensive resources, dental assistant training and matchless recognition opportunities with their Fellowship and Mastership programs. Both programs are based on a commitment to continuing education, and are awarded to professionals who earn 300 CE credits for a Fellowship or 400 CE credits for a Mastership.

For questions about joining the ADAA, and participating in their Fellowship or Mastership program, please visit www.dentalassistant.org.

In addition to joining the professional membership association, many dental assistants pursue lifelong learning by returning to school for formal dental assistant training or creating a development plan to grow in their current job.

To learn more about the DALE Foundation courses, and see which ones meet your learning objectives, check out our Courses section.

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